Iron bead necklace

Hi guys,

first of all Happy belated 4th of July! Did you do anything special? My mom made a yummy desert for my whole family. I posted a picture on Instagram at craftfunandmore, so be sure to check that out.  For today, I am going to show you how to make an iron bead necklace. When I was looking up patterns online, I found several pictures of these cute necklaces and decided to make one, since I still had a necklace kit on hand. So let´s get started:

What you need:

  • iron beads (different colors)
  • a  board for the beads (for the pattern I did it has to be square)
  • an iron and baking paper (or paper that came with your beads)
  • a necklace kit or just some pretty yarn (to thread on your charm)
  • a pattern

links for some pattern ideas:

How to do it:

1. Put your beads onto your board, following a pattern. Either click on any of the links above, look up different patterns or invent your own.

2. Next, iron your created pattern from both sides to make sure it holds. (! Use some baking paper or paper that came with your beads in between your pattern and the iron!!! If you don´t you´ll ruin your pattern and your iron!)

3. Prepare your necklace, by measuring how long you want it and if you are working with a kit like me, attach the closure and any extra hooks.

4. Now, poke holes through the 2 beads you want to attach the necklace to. (mostly the two most outer beads)

5. Attach your necklace by either knotting the yarn or opening up the rings and threading it through the beads.

6. You are done!!!

I really like this idea, because there are so many ways to make the charm. You can choose any colors and any pattern you would like, to fit your personality. I even thought about making another smaller one, so I could wear 2 at the same time. I hope you enjoy this craft just as much as I do.



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