AG Hoodie Pattern Part II

Hi everyone,

I know you have been waiting forever for this post to come and I  finally have time to upload pictures of the pattern. Since I don´t have the software to convert my pattern into a PDF this will have to work and I hope you can make the pattern without any problems. If you have any more questions, just leave me a comment.

I would recommend to draw the pattern onto thinner computer paper and then paste it onto some thicker paper, so it´s studier. Here are pictures of the 4 pieces you will need:backpattern


As I wrote on the pattern you will need the Front and Back piece only once each.


The hood and sleeve piece you will need to cut out twice (of your fabric).

I hope this pattern is ok to recreate. I know a PDF would be better, but as I said I was not able to convert the pictures. The instructions on how to sew the fabric pieces together to make the hoodie will be coming up soon!




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