Review: Historical AG Julie Albright

Hello everybody,

since I got a request to do a review of Julie, that´s what I decided to do today. First of all I wanted to say this is my first doll review and I hope this will be helpful to you. Let´s get started:

I have had Julie since about 8 years and she was my second 18″ AG doll. She has held up very well and  I have to say she is one of my favorites (don´t tell the others :-)). One of the reasons I like her so much is her long blond hair. I don´t know about you guys, but I love long hair, because you can do so many hairstyles with it or also leave it open. Her brown eyes are also a great combination to her hair. Julie has the so called “Josefina face mold” (since Josefina was the first doll with this face mold) and I think it´s very unique since there are only a few other dolls with this face.

Here you can see Julie with her retired Meet Outfit. Actually she came with a colored turtleneck top underneath the blouse, but I forgot it in the pictures. Personally, the outfit is not my favorite and her new one, which you can find here is cuter, but I usually put modern day clothes on her anyways. My favorite piece of this outfit is the blouse, which I like to match with jeans shorts and I find is kind of modern.

Here, Julie is wearing her retired PJs. These are super cute and I can´t really decide whether I prefer these or her new ones, which you can find here.

Here are more pictures of Julie I took a while ago. All in all she is a great doll and I would definitely recommend her to you. Her hair is easy to take care of (compared to curly haired dolls) and for me it has held up very well. Even though the 70s don´t really interest me, I still enjoy playing with Julie and dressing her in modern clothes.

I hope this was helpful to you and I included everything you wanted to know. If there is anything I forgot to mention, just leave a comment!



7 thoughts on “Review: Historical AG Julie Albright

  1. AG Dolls And Fun says:

    I LOVE Julie! I almost bought her at the AGP, but my mom didn’t want me to, because my mom said that Julie isn’t really historical, because she would be my mom’s age. I’m thinking of trying to save up for, though! 🙂

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