Photo shoot with Julie

Hi guys,

I had some free afternoons lately. Today I decided to sew a new skirt for my dolls and since I was at it, I put it on Julie and took some photos of her. Here they are:

Julie´s outfit:

skirt: made by me (my own version of this tutorial)

shirt: retired AG Bitty Twin Girl Meet outfit from 2006-2008 (Have you noticed this shirt is one of my favorites? I love the color and I match it with all kinds of different outfits)

shoes: white Espadrilles from Springfield

I just noticed this outfit is very similar to my last Photo shoot with Emily. I used the same shirt 🙂 and the colors of the skirt are almost identical to the ones of the pants 🙂 If I find another shirt that matches one of them, I have twin outfits 🙂 Go check out my instagram account to see more pictures. I hope you enjoyed!



5 thoughts on “Photo shoot with Julie

  1. Clara says:

    Aw, Julie is so pretty! You did a great job with the skirt. 🙂 Would you mind posting a review of Julie? I am considering buying her. 🙂

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