Homemade egg cozies

Hi guys,

today I wanted to share this cute easter craft with you. I am going to show you, how I made these simple egg cozies. I felt like doing a craft today, so I flipped through the pages of a sewing book I had at home and found this sewing pattern. I did not follow the instructions in the book, but I still like how the cozies turned out.

What you need to make these:

  • printed fabric (and/or plain-colored fabric)
  • volume fleece
  • ribbon/lace
  • a sewing machine
  • scissors
  • a pen (best is fabric chalk or a removable pen)
  • optional: an iron

How to make them:

1. Print out a pattern for your cozies. You can find one here. (I used the one that came with my book.)

2. Trace your pattern onto the fabric and volume fleece. You´ll need 4 pieces of fabric and 2 pieces of volume fleece for each cozy. I cut out 2 of my printed fabric (for the outside) and 2 of my plain fabric (for the inside) for 2 of mine. For the others I just used 4 pieces from the same fabric.

3. Cut out all your pieces.

4. Next, attach the pieces of volume fleece to your 2 outside pieces of fabric. (Right side facing up, since you don´t want to cover your printed side. The volume fleece I used had glue dots on one side, so I could simply iron it on)

5. Now, add ribbon or other decorations to the front (of the piece you just attached the volume fleece to). You can also leave it plain, if you are using printed fabric.

6. Attach the other pieces of fabric to the outside pieces (covering the volume fleece), by zig-zag stitching the bottom edges together or folding the edges inside and sewing them.

7. Now lay them good side to good side and sew along the sides, leaving the bottom (where you just zig-zag stitched) open.

8. Cut off any excess fabric (without cutting the stitching) and flip the whole thing.

9. Repeat these steps to make more and You are done!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Which one of the egg cozies is your favorite?



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