Christmas outfits

Hi guys,

I am really sorry I didn´t post the last week and a half. Therefore I have an awesome post for you today. I created 3 different christmas outfits for my dolls with clothes I already had at home. I did a fotoshooting with Isabelle, Julie and Mia, who modelled them for me. Over here there is still no snow, but I hope you still enjoy my no-snow pictures :).

Outfit 1: #Cozy snowman sweater outfit

Isabelle is modelling the #Cozy snowman sweater outfit for me. She is wearing a green knit sweater with a snowman on the front. It has a red collar and a red stripe on the end of each sleeve. Together with that she is wearing black leggings, which I sewed myself and some beige boots with a faux white fur trim at the top. I left Isabelles hair open and just clipped a small section of hair to one side with a red bow clip.

Outfit 2: #Silver tutu outfit

Julie is my model for the #Silver tutu outfit. She is wearing a black tank top with a ruffle at the top. Together with that she is wearing light pink tights, a silver/white sparkle tutu (which I made from a childrens skirt), a white crocheted sweater and black fringe boots from the Götz company. I left Julies hair open and just did a small lace braid on one side.

Outfit 3: #Plaid dress outfit

Mia is modelling the #Plaid dress outfit for me today. She is wearing a red and green plaided dress, which has a white collar with two little red flowers on each side. Underneath she is wearing some 3/4 length velvet black leggings, which I also made myself and used for my Homemade AG Isabelle´s Performance set. With that she is wearing the same black fringe boots I used for the #Silver tutu outfit. For Mia´s hair, I just lace braided it to one side and put it together in a side ponytail.

I hope you liked this post today and got inspired to put together some cute christmas outfits like these. Which outfit was your favorite? The #Cozy snowman sweater outfit, the #Silver tutu outfit or the #Plaid dress outfit ? Please leave a comment letting me know which one you liked best.



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