Cute Christmas cards

Hi guys,

today I am going to show you how to make cute and easy christmas cards for friends family members or whoever else you want to give a card. These are really fun. I made about 10 of them today :). Let´s get started:


  • paper (for the main card and decorations)
  • stencils (optional)
  • markers & pens
  • glue
  • other decorations (ribbon, buttons etc.)

How to make them:

To make the main card, fold a piece of sturdy paper in half and cut it to the size you want the card to be. Here are some different ideas, how to decorate the card:

  1. Snowman cards:
  • use a stencil and trace a snowman onto your card or draw a snowman onto paper, cut it out and glue it onto the card
  • draw or glue on hat, buttons and other accessories for the snowman
  • add snowflakes or sayings to the front of the card
  • write a note inside the card
  • You are done with your snowman card!

2. Reindeer cards:

  • draw a reindeer onto the front of your card (or use a stencil)
  • fill in the reindeer with a shiny gold or silver pen
  • add some decorative tape to the top and bottom of the card
  • write a note inside the card
  • You are done with your reindeer card!

3. Christmas tree card:

  • cut about 6 strips of tape in different sizes from long to short
  • tape them to the front of the top, making sure you start with the longest and end with the shortest piece creating a christmas tree
  • take another piece of tape for the stem (or draw it by hand)
  • draw a star at the top of the tree
  • write a note inside the card
  • You just made a christmas tree card!

4. Mix and match card:

  • For this card you can do it however you like.
  • I wrote “Merry Christmas” on the front of mine and drew different christmas motives with stencils.
  • you can also combine it with decorative tape, stickers or anything else you would like to add
  • write a note inside
  • You are down with your mix and match card!


  • Customize it however you want and use whatever you have on hand (anything works for these cards).
  • Use 3D pens, like I did, to add some texture. (Make sure to let them dry good.)
  • To make a scarf for a snowman or a christmas tree you can cut some fabric and glue it onto your card.
  • If you use black paper, use bright colors like metallic silver or gold.
  • Make some of these for all of your friends and relatives! I am sure they´ll love them.

I hope you liked this fun and easy christmas craft. Be sure to subscribe and recommend my blog to other craft lovers 🙂



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