Christmas Coffee Cozies

Hi there!

For my post today I am going to show you how I made these cute coffee cozies. Since its almost Christmas, I made mine with some cute christmas fabric, I had at home, but you can make these with any fabric you want.

What you need:

  • coffee cozy pattern (click here for the one I used) or a coffee cozy from e.g. starbucks…
  • fabric & batting
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • elastic or ribbon and a button
  • decorations (ribbon…)

How to make them:

You can click on some of the links below, to find some tutorials or follow my step-by-step instruction down below.

My instructions:

  1. Trace your pattern on the fabric (2 pieces-lining and outside) and the batting.
  2. Cut out all three pieces.
  3. Good side to good side, sew together the two fabric pieces on the top and bottom (the long sides) leaving the two short sides open to turn.
  4. Turn around the cozy and put the batting inside.
  5. Sew shut the two sides. (I used a little piece of the same fabric, folded it over the edges and sewed it in place.
  6. Add decorations, elastic/ribbon and button (measure to know, where to place your button and ribbon).
  7. Put your finished cozy around a cup and you are done!

More useful tips:

  • Cut the batting a bit smaller than the other two pieces, so it fits in between.
  • If you are using a cozy you already have or a pattern, which doesn´t include seam allowance, make sure you cut the pieces a bit bigger.
  • To save niece fabric, use some plain fabric for the inside and your printed one for the outside.
  • If you don´t have batting, you can use some thick fabric for the back and it should be fine.
  • Decoration ideas: buttons, ribbons (along the edges), embroidered patterns etc.

This was my craft for the day and I hoped you all liked it. I would love it, if you could recommend my blog to some friends and relatives. Have fun making your own coffee cozies!



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