Homemade AG Petal Pet Outfit


So, for today I have another American Girl recreation. I was looking at some of the AG outfits today, when I saw the Petal Pet outfit. I thought this would be an easy and quick project to share with you. I usually am not a big fan of doll pets and pet outfits, but this one is pretty cute, even if I personally would never put it on a real dog, but its fun, so why not? Click here to view the original. So, here are the instructions:

What you need:

  • felt in the colors you want (or if you want it to be like the AG one: green, pink and purple)
  • elastic in the color you want (I took white, because thats what I had, AG chose lavender)
  • one or more beads
  • a button
  • and a sewing machine or needle and thread

How to do it:

For the collar:

  1. Measure your pets neck and draw a circle (that fits your pets neck) on your first color of felt (leave some room on each side for the petals).
  2. Draw petals to the sides of your circle leaving some extra room from the circle line.
  3. Cut out the whole thing, so you have something like a large flower
  4. Cut an opening and the inside circle out (make sure you leave some space from the petals so you have some extra felt as the main collar)
  5. Repeat with 2 or more colors (make sure your next ones are a bit smaller, so you see the color underneath, but still fits around your pets neck).
  6. Now sew together all 3 pieces in the inside circle.
  7. Sew a button to one end and cut a small opening to the other side for the closure.
  8. You are done and have a colorful petal collar for your dolls pet dog, cat or bunny.

For the headband:

  1. Cut a piece of elastic to fit around your pets head.
  2. Cut a flower out of your felt in the size to fit your pet.
  3. Sew or glue a button, bead or something similar to your flower.
  4. Glue or sew your flower to the elastic to make a headband.
  5. Now you have a cute pet headband to match your collar.

American Girl has this with the Halloween outfits, so I guess you could use it for that too. Do you have costumes for your dolls yet? I don´t, but maybe I´ll create one with clothing I have or I´ll sew one.



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