How to make a photo board

Hello everybody!

Like I promised I have got a craft for you today: how to make a photo board. This is a fun and simple project, which you can make in any size and variation like you want. I made one for my sewing room (check out the pictures down below) with some blue and white printed fabric and light pink ribbon. You can make one to match your room or also as a gift, if you like. So, here is how to do it:

What you need:

  • a large canvas or wood frame
  • thick batting (e.g. for patchwork blankets)
  • fabric of your choice (you can also choose more than one and sew them together)
  • ribbon of your choice
  • staples (I used a staple gun)
  • buttons or something similar if you would like

How to do it: 

  1. Lay out your batting and cut your batting to the same size as your canvas. (If you have thin batting, you can try to double it for some more volume)
  2. Then cut some fabric to fit your canvas (make sure it´s a little longer on each side, so you have some extra to staple it)
  3. Put the batting and fabric on the canvas and staple the sides of the fabric to the back of the canvas frame (make sure your fabric isn´t too loose, you don´t want it to hang-try to staple it, so it lays nice and flat, when you hang it up)
  4. Once your sides are stapled, take your ribbon and decide how you want to put it on – you can do some diagonal stripes (like me) or make it checked (its all up to you)
  5. Lay out the ribbon how you´ve decided to put it on and then staple the ends of the ribbon to the back of the canvas frame. (Make sure its pretty tight, so when you hang up things, they stay in place and don´t fall down)
  6. Now you can either leave it as it is or sew on buttons or other little things, where the ribbon overlaps for more stability
  7. You are all done and have a cute photo board to hang up pictures, little notes or anything else you want!

This was the instruction on how to make a photo board like mine, but if you want a video to see more details enter “how to make a photo board ” in youtube.

So, this was my craft for you today and I hope you liked it!                                                                                                             Saskia


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