Back to school notebooks

Hello everybody!

I know most of you probably already started school a few weeks ago, but today was my first day back at school, so I decided to do a back to school diy craft today. I got this idea from BrooklynAndBailey youtube channel, but I have seen this idea before. Today I am going to show you, how to make cute notebooks with duck tape or other kinds of decorative tape. For ideas, check out my picture and/or pinterest.

What you need:

  • notebook(s)
  • decorative tape, like duck tape
  • scissors
  • optional white paper and glue

How to make a decorative notebook:

1. Take your notebook and cover the front (and optional back) with white paper, so you can´t see the original design through  your decorative tape later on.

2. Make a design and decide which tape and in which order you want to put your tape on.

3. Put on your decorative tape. (you can make plain stripes or try taping it on diagonally and overlaping)

4. Now you are done!

I hope this tutorial helped you a little bit. If you decide to make one, I´d be happy to see them, so just e-mail me to and leave a comment down below to let me know, how you liked this short and simple tutorial.



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