Sewing baskets

Hi guys!

Sorry, I didn´t post in a while. For some reason, I didn´t get to it. Last week I attended a sewing class, which lasted 2 days, for 4 hours each. There were different projects to chose from and I decided to sew some sewing baskets. I chose 2 fun and colorful fabrics: red printed and teal checkered. I made 2 baskets with with the red fabric on the outside and the teal in the inside and 1 basket the other way around. After I made the first basket, it was pretty simple to repeat. I really like these baskets, because you can use any fabrics you want and can easily change the size. You can use them for your sewing supplies, but you can also put them in your bathroom or room as decoration. They´re also great gifts for Christmas, Mothers day or birthdays.

Here are a few different ways to sew a basket like mine, just click on one of these links:

I hope you get inspired and make some for your own room or as a gift. Hope to hear from you soon!



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