Review: AG Isabelle´s Rosette leotard and Funky leggings


Today I thought I´d do a review on Isabelle´s Rosette leotard and Funky leggings. The last time I was in the US, I did get the chance to get some AG items and these are two of them. Unfortunately I couldn´t get all of Isabelle´s mix and match clothes, so it took me a while to decide, which ones to get. These are the two I chose:

Rosette leotard: nice beige sleeveless leotard with gold tulle rose on the right strap – I really like this piece, because it´s fancy in one way, so you can create fun and dressy dance outfits, but you can also create cute casual outfits by combining it with jeans or normal skirts. I am pretty happy with this item. The only thing, that bothers me a bit, is that it´s a little tight and they could have made the torso part longer to fit the doll better. Other than that it´s a great item and I really enjoy it.

Funky leggings: pink leggings with silver studs on the right bottom leg and a light pink ribbon to tie a bow on the left knee These leggings are also very cute. They´re great for dance or other sports and can also be casual, e.g. with shorts over them or a nice skirt. One thing I do not love about these is that they are a bit tight around the waist. In my opinion they could have made these a little wider. Besides this, I am really pleased with this piece of Isabelle´s mix and match collection and am happy I got it.

Hope you enjoy this review. Please comment below to let me know if you liked it.



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