Homemade AG Isabelle´s Performance set


Sorry I didn´t post that 2nd post, Iike I said yesterday. Anyways, since I live in Germany, I can not get American Girl stuff, because unfortunately they do not ship to Germany or Europe in general. That´s why I like to recreate outfits by making them with materials and things I can get here. Today I am going to show you Isabelle´s Performance set, which I made today. If you buy it from American Girl this outfit costs 38$, but if I count together everything, I probably made it for less than 10$, which is great. In the picture you can see the American Girl outfit on the left and my recreated outfit left. So, lets get started:

  • AG black unitard: instead of making a unitard I made a tanktop and separate 3/4 length leggings out of an old skirt I had on hand. Its soft black material and looks almost like the American Girl unitard (of course its a little crooked here and there and the seems are not perfectly straight, but thats alright, because that shows its homemade) – if you want to make this, look on pinterest and you should find some patterns for pants/leggings and tops, just adjust them the way you want
  • AG gold tutu skirt: I made a silver tulle skirt from a childrens skirt, I found on clearance one day (they only had silver, else gold would have been closer to the original). I just cut it in half and sewed the sides together again. It was also a bit too long for a doll so I trimmed it and sewed the bottom edge. If you want exact explanations you can again find easy tutorials on pinterest. (You can also make a no-sew tutu, by taking some elastic and knoting strips of tulle around it. Just knot it together to make a hoop and you have a no-sew tutu.) Mine is a bit longer than the AG one, but that doesn´t really bother me much.
  • AG dance shoes: I didn´t make these myself, which you can, if you want, but I already had these. They are simple light pink ballerinas with a little bow in the front. I got these at a local store in the doll section. You can also make the criss-cross straps with some ribbon and tie them into a bow, to decorate shoes you already have.
  • AG wristband: for the wristband I used the same material from the pants and top. I just sewed a little strip together and added a little sparkle flower pin, I had.
  • AG flowers (from the skirt): I used a light pink fabric flower, which has a clip on the back, so I clipped it to the waistband of the skirt. (It is actually a hair accessory, I had at home) – you can also make your own fabric flowers, to match the outfit, again you can look for some tutorials
  • AG sparkle tiara: for the tiara I also used a hair accessory, which was one of those hair combs, you push in the hair. It has little white beads on it, so I thought this could work as her tiara. I found this at one of my local stores for only 1€. If you are looking for a tiara, you might find something like this at the dollar store.

Ok, now that was a long post. This is how I made Isabelle´s Performance set. I hope you like it and this post will help you create your own, unique outfit. Comment below, if you like my idea and it is helpful to you.



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