Meet Emily!

Hi guys!

For today we have: Emily. She is my only Götz doll, but still very pretty. She is very similar to my AG dolls. She basically has the same body: vinyl legs, arms and face and cloth body. The main difference is her rooted hair and that her skin and face are a bit different (e.g. she doesn´t smile, like AG dolls).

  • name: Emily
  • type: Götz (Precious Day Girl Julia)
  • eyes: grey
  • hair: long, layered red
  • hobbies: gymnastics and doing crafts
  • favorite colors: pink and green
  • when I got her: February, 2014

Ok, so we´re almost through with all of my dolls. We have one more for tomorrow – so don´t forget to check by again tomorrow to see my last and newest doll! If you have an idea who it might be, just leave a comment down below!



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