Meet Samantha!

Hi everybody!

My doll for the day is: Samantha! She is a very special doll, because she is my oldest AG, well actually Pleasant Company doll. I got her used from old neighbors. Her head and limbs are loose and her hair was so tangled when I got her, that I had to cut the ends. She also has straight hair now instead of wavy hair. It was so bad, I had to wash and blow dry it, which is not that good for it, but the only way I could fix it up. I might send her to the doll hospital, the next time I am in the USA. Other than these minor problems, she is a great doll.

  • name: Samantha Parkington
  • type: American Girl/Pleasant Company (Historical Character 1904)
  • eyes: brown
  • hair: medium long, brown with bangs
  • birthday: May 26th
  • hobbies: cheerleading, reading
  • favorite colors: all colors
  • when I got her: March, 2013

Any idea who else is coming up? You do? Just leave a comment down below!



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