Meet Sarah!

Hello everybody!

Starting today I am going to introduce you to one of my dolls every day this week and part of next week. All together I have 7 dolls. Most of them are American Girl, but I also have one Götz doll from Germany. I am going to start with my oldest and end with my newest doll. To start I am introducing Sarah to you. She was my first American Girl doll.

  • name: Sarah
  • type: American Girl (retired Just like you #3)
  • eyes: blue
  • hair: medium long, blond with bangs
  • hobbies: cheerleading, riding horses and gymnastics
  • favorite color: all bright colors
  • when I got her: I am not exactly sure, but I think it was 2005

Now you know a little about Sarah, but who else is in my doll family? Do you have any ideas? Just leave a comment!



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