Easy room makeover

Hello everybody!

Do you want a new room and are tired of it being the same for many years? Well, I did a few weeks ago, so I decided to do an easy and inexpensive makeover and exactly that is what I am going to show you how to do today:

1. Make a plan of your new room! (choose a theme and color(s) and get an idea how you  want it   to look)

2. Paint your room the color(s) you have chosen!, (I recommend white walls, because its easier to  change the decoration part, if you eventually don´t like the color(s) anymore, but you can also  choose 1 wall to be colorful and the others white – its all up to you:))

3. Put furniture in your room!, (you can either use your old furniture, get new furniture or a good    alternative (which is less expensive!!!) go to some garage sales and look for some used    furniture, you might be lucky and find some nice furniture, which is still in good shape)

4. Decorate your room! (find curtains in the colors and patterns you like; add decorations, like    pictures, table clothes (for your desk), jewelry holders…; add bedding to match your theme and    colors…)- for more ideas keep on reading!!!

5. You are done and have a great new room!!!

More useful tips for a room makeover:

Try making a lot yourself, so its one-of-a-kind and unique:

– paint your own pictures to hang on your walls

-make collages and hang them on your walls

-decorate picture frames with stickers, fabric or ribbons..

-tie-dye your bedding, lampshade or curtains… in your favorite colors

-decorate lampshades with ribbon, fabric or stickers

-sew your own pillow cases, blankets…with your favorite material from a fabric store

-try to fix up your old furniture or furniture from garage sales by painting them or putting self-  adhesive foil on them

Finding decorations:

-go to the dollar store and look for pretty decorations, you can also use items, which are  not  meant to be used as decoration (e.g. I used pretty trays, by hanging them on my walls)

-go to garage sales and look for furniture and decorations

-go to furniture stores and find cute bedding, pillows and also decoration items, like lampshades, lanterns… and more.

This was my step-to-step guide on doing a room makeover! I hope you enjoyed it and that it will help you to create your new room!



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